Bay Dreams South

Attendee information

For those attending Bay Dreams a full list of FAQs are available on the Bay Dreams website

Resident information

What is Bay Dreams South?

Bay Dreams South is taking place in Nelson on 5 January 2023. It is the sister festival to Bay Dreams North in Tauranga, which takes place on 3 January 2023. It will be held at Trafalgar Park and is R18.

The majority age range is 18-25 years old, although there are increasing numbers of people coming who are in their 30s and 40s too.

Most people are expected to arrive in Nelson on 3 January, and leave on 6 January, but reports from accommodation providers show that plenty of people arrive early and enjoy Nelson's New Year's Eve celebrations and remain in the region for around a week after the event.

What time does the Festival start?

The event starts at 12pm on 5 January, so queues are expected to start from around 10am for the most eager ticket holders. The final acts will finish around 10.45pm and most ticket holders will be out of Rutherford Park by 11pm.

What Artists and DJs are playing?

The festival will feature a multi-genre line-up with world class international and Kiwi acts across multiple stages both inside the Trafalgar Centre and outside on Rutherford Park. Visit for a list of the main artists.

Where will concert-goers stay?

There is no camping at Rutherford Park this year. There is currently a high demand and low availability at Tahunanui, Brook Valley and Maitai Campgrounds.

How can I contact the festival organisers?

Questions can be sent to They are on Facebook and their website is

Are council members profiting from this event?

The festival is being delivered by a private promoter, Bay Dreams South Ltd.

How much will this event cost ratepayers?

Bay Dreams South pays commercial rates for all facilities and services provided by Council. The event comes at no financial cost to the ratepayer.

When is the music expected to stop each night?

The festival at Rutherford Park and the Trafalgar Centre will run between 12pm and 11pm on 5 January. Noise from the event will be continuously monitored to ensure it does not breach the allowed limit under the resource consent.

What security is being provided around the venue in residential streets?

Bay Dreams South has provided an extensive security plan that includes providing security in nearby local streets as well as in the venues. Bay Dreams South is working closely with Police regarding its security plans. There will also be people dedicated to cleaning rubbish from surrounding streets. Previous Bay Dreams events have been relatively incident-free.

How many police will be necessary to patrol and control at campsites and festival venues?

Bay Dreams South is responsible for providing a security presence to ensure the safety and security of festivalgoers and the general public in and around the venues. Police can and will respond to any issues involving crime. Questions about the number of Police available will need to be directed to that agency.

What transport will be available?

Normal Nbus services will be operating and available to transport Festival ticket holders to and from Rutherford Park and the Trafalgar Centre on 4 & 5 January. Buses will follow the regular bus routes, so those ticket holders staying with friends and family can also hop on board. The Late Late Bus service will also be available to get festival ticket holders home.

The venues are smoke-free, how will this be enforced?

All ticket holders are over 18 years old and smoking is likely to be restricted to designated outdoor areas around the venues.

Who is responsible for cleaning up after the festival?

Bay Dreams South organisers have an agreement to clean and remove rubbish from Rutherford Park.

If Wakatu carpark is used as a passenger drop-off point for buses, will people still be able to park and shop there?

Yes! Until 5.30pm only a section of the Wakatu Carpark (closest to the bus depot) will be used as a bus drop-off, leaving the remainder of the car park for customers. Other carpark areas have been looked at but due to several reasons including bus turning circles, space, safety and availability, Wakatu Carpark is the most suitable location.

What roads are closed?

You can find all the road closure information for this event on our website


Are any walkways closed?

From 12pm 4 January until 12pm 7 January there will be some walkway closures around Rutherford Park and the Trafalgar Centre while Bay Dreams takes place. 

There will still be an alternative route in green around the other side of the river. Please follow the signs.