29 - Tantragee Loop

This walk takes in part of the Tantragee Track and Dun Mountain Railway track to return you to your starting place at the organic gardens in the Brook Valley.


Time: 45 - 60 minutes

Area: Brook Valley

Start Location: From the city, head up Brook Street for approximately 2km. After crossing the second bridge, turn left into Tantragee Road where there is a gravel car park and interpretive panel.

Download the Tantragee Loop map (54KB PDF)

Route directions

Set off from the sign indicating the Tantragee Walkway. Follow the track as it zig zags uphill through native trees planted by school children in the 1980s.

The track levels out where you then go over a stile (the gate is locked) and you have a view back down to the Brook Valley. A sign on your right indicates the Dun Mountain Walkway, but you continue on. Where the road forks take the uphill track to your right and follow it to the summit of the Tantragee Saddle where you can look down to the Maitai Valley. The roads on your right and left lead to Fireball and Fringe Hill - both popular mountain biking trails.

Head back down the gravel road and take the old Dun Mountain Railway track to the right (also known as Old Codgers Track) - watch out for mountain bikers. Further down the track curves through deciduous trees, through a gate and on down the hill. This track is a section of the historic Dun Mountain Railway and you follow it until you emerge on Brook Street just near Brook Terrace. Turn left and take the gravel path along the right of the Brook Stream to the park and beyond to the carpark where you began.