Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a ULEB?

ULEB stands for ultra-low emission burner. Council has a list of approved ULEBs

What’s a NES compliant burner?

NES compliant woodburners meet the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NES) criteria of a maximum of 1.5 grams of emissions per kilogram of fuel burnt. The Council has a list of approved NES woodburners.

What airshed am I in?

In summary:

  • The southern and western part of the city centre (including Bishopdale, Victory, Toi Toi, between the Colleges, Washington Valley) is Airshed A
  • Tahunanui and Tahunanui Hills south of The Cliffs is Airshed B1
  • Stoke, Wakatu and Enner Glyn is Airshed B2
  • The northern and eastern part of the city centre (including Port Hills, The Brook, The Wood and Atawhai) is Airshed C.

Find your Airshed.