Notice of weed spraying and no spray application form

Nelson City Council hereby gives notice of its ongoing chemical control of vegetation, pests and fungi on all Nelson parks, reserves and walkways (Resource Consent number RM135024v1).

Chemical control rounds are programmed dependent on growth, weather, pests or fungi present and plant cycles at any time of the year. The following areas below will be treated with some or all of the listed chemicals:

Rural and Urban Reserves - includes Conservation Reserves, Landscape Reserves, Esplanade and Foreshore Reserves, Cemeteries, Community Housing, Walkways and Neighbourhood Parks:
Glyphosate, Triclopyr triethylamine, Dicamba, Metsulfuron-methyl, Haloxyfop and Picloram.

Applied with knapsack or low-pressure hand lance. In some Conservation and Landscape Reserve areas, boom spraying may be used.

Horticultural Parks

Glyphosate, Triclopyr triethylamine, Haloxyfop, Triforine, Chlorothalonil and Taufluvalinate.

Applied with boom, knapsack or low-pressure hand lance.

Sports Parks

Glyphosate, Triclopyr triethylamine, Picloram, Haloxyfop, Ethofumesate, Paclobutrazole, Mancozeb, Propiconazole and Chlorothalonil.

Applied with boom, knapsack or low-pressure hand lance.

Residents living adjacent to the above Council parks and reserves may register their properties as a “No-Spray” property. Applicants for No-Spray areas will be required to maintain their boundaries to control all unwanted weeds or organisms in that area.

Application forms to register as a “No-Spray” property may be collected from the Customer Services desk, Ground Floor Civic House, Trafalgar Street, Nelson, or downloaded below. For more information on the ‘No Spray Register’ contact the Customer Service Centre Tel: (03) 546 0200.

Download the No Spray application form (112KB PDF)

The Nelson City Council’s policy is to use the least toxic chemical necessary to destroy unwanted weeds or organisms. All chemical applications are carried out by Growsafe certified staff.