Civic Trust Trustees

The Trustees are all locally selected people committed to advancing the purposes and objects of the Trust and to prudently managing its resources.

  • Roger Nicholson, Chairperson
  • Rachel Dodd, Deputy Chairperson
  • Jeremy Glasgow
  • Kay Hill
  • Cathy Knight
  • Nick Mason
  • Glenn Roberts
  • Karen Stade
  • Pat Dougherty (ex officio) CEO Nelson City Council

Nelson Civic Trust members April 2019

The trustees in 2019 from left: Jeremy Glasgow, Kay Hill, Murray Farrant, Nick Mason, Glenn Roberts, Roger Nicholson, Cathy Knight, Rachel Dodd, Karen Stade.

Trust Secretary and contact details

The Governance Advisers at Nelson City Council serve as Trust secretary. They can be contacted on +64 3 546 0200 or you can email the Trust Secretary.