Poorman Valley Stream

Poorman Valley Stream rises in the hills of the Marsden Reserve, about 800m above sea level. Over its 2.32km course from the hills to the sea, it traverses native forest, an old cemetery, three schools and Isel Park. The stream has a rich history, embodied in the cemetery and the tall trees and colonial buildings of Isel Park. Its catchment and the wildlife it supports have many guardians. Within the beech and kanuka forest of the Marsden Reserve, the Marsden Valley Trapping Group controls predatory pests such as stoats and rats, to protect the tui, korimako and piwakawaka that call the valley home. Nelson Christian Academy, Stoke Tahunanui Rotary Club, Nayland Primary School and Nayland College all contribute time and energy to keeping their sections of the stream free of rubbish and planted with native species that will enhance its biodiversity. To view the story map, follow the link below.

Poorman Valley Stream Story Map