NRMP 28 September 2009 amendments

The28 September 2009 amendments give effect to the following:

  • notification of Proposed Plan Change 13 (Marsden Valley Rezoning);
  • alteration to and extension of time to give effect to designation DTR4 (NZ Transport Agency);
  • requirement for designation DTA5 (Network Tasman Ltd); and
  • minor changes and corrections subject to Clause 20A.

Notification of Proposed Plan Change 13 (Marsden Valley Rezoning)

This proposal seeks to rezone areas of land within Marsden Valley from a mix of residential and rural small holdings zoning to a zoning pattern that provides for a residential scale community with a suburban commercial centre.  Other changes are included to ensure the zoning pattern created is consistent with wider NRMP provisions and planning direction.

Alteration to designation DTR4 (NZ Transport Agency)

This designation alteration is to provide for the Whangamoa realignment project.  The alteration to designation DTR4 fulfilled its s181 obligations a number of years ago however due to an administrative oversight the planning maps were not amended.  An extension of time to give effect to the designation has now been granted pursuant to s184.

As a result of the requiring authority's name change, references to Transit NZ were changed to the NZ Transport Agency.

Requirement for designation DTA5 (Network Tasman Ltd)

A notice of requirement for a substation in Hira, pursuant s168 RMA, was received by council.  This requirement was and publicly notified on 28 February 2009 with recommendation made in May 2009.  These recommendations were accepted and there were no appeals.

Minor changes and corrections subject to Clause 20A

A number of other minor change and corrections have been made subject to Clause 20A of the First Schedule RMA including:

  • Removal of numbering and associated cross referencing for Chapter 2 Meanings of Words.  The numbered referencing was seen as an unnecessary administrative step and this chapter will now simply be arranged in alphabetical order.  It will also make future insertions and deletions easier.
  • Protected trees.  All listed trees have now had their locations pinpointed using GPS and been assigned a 'unique identifier' number.  There are over 900 trees protected in the NRMP and as maps are reprinted for other reasons the tree symbols will be moved to their exact locations.  In the interim, council staff have access to the revised tree locations through the internal GIS system so if there are any queries as to the exact location of a specific tree feel free to contact myself or staff at the Planning and Consents counter at Civic House.  In the main, tree listings are very close to their actual locations and moving the symbols will be insignificant.
  • Woodlands.  There are more than 50 woodlands protected in the NRMP and currently these are indicated on the planning maps using a tree symbol only.  New polygon symbology has been introduced to clearly show the boundaries of listed woodlands.  This new symbology will be phased in as maps are reprinted for other reasons.

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